Easel Incorporated Costume Accessories


I must publicly thank those who have helped me get this far!  

My grandmother, Erna Becker trained as a milliner in Germany and had her own shop in 1920's Berlin.  Later she made hats for private clients in Buenos Aires and in Winnipeg.  She showed me the ropes when I was just a girl, and although I didn't take up millinery until after she was gone I owe her my gratitude for showing me what was possible.  Thank you Oma!

My Dad, Allan Devins made me some of the most unique and truly valuable hat blocks.  He started wood working in retirement and never failed to meet a challenge when I showed him an idea for a block.  He even made me a bonnet block!  Thank you Dad.

My Mom, Miriam Devins has helped encourage me to follow my dreams while at the same time counselling me in practicality.  She always keeps her eyes open for anything that will be helpful.  Thanks Mom.

Carol Case and Joanne Hansen both took a risk in hiring me when I had no idea what I was doing.  I am grateful to them for giving me the chance to make a career for myself.  Thank you both!

My husband, Scott Juskiw has been patient and helpful in getting this website up.  He always steps up when I need him and has given me great suggestions and lots of technical help.  Thanks sweetie.

And general thanks go out to all my colleauges from whom I have learned so much.

The following organizations and individuals have also been helpful.

If you are looking for Men's felt or straw hats, whether in western styles or for city folk Smithbilt Hats offer top-of-the-line products and extraordinary service.  A Calgary institution since 1919 they've made hats for countless films and TV shows, and also for royalty!

I buy supplies from several well-known business, and second-hand wherever I can find them!

At Hats By Leko in Oregon I get buckram and wire and sometimes trims.  I've also bought antique veiling there.  Sandra is always very pleasant to deal with and super helpful.  

From Judith M Millinery in Kentucky I've bought flowers, some hat blocks, straw bodies, and those fabulous aluminum push pins with the 5/8" spikes.

The Trimming Company in England has a lovely selection of feathers at very good prices among other things, and the shipping time is very fast.

Richard The Thread in LA carries Fosshape in different weights.  

Cori Hoag of Market Basket Antiques has what might be the world's best selection of vintage millinery flowers, and she's just a sweetheart.  

Jackie Gamage at Homegroan sells hat blocks and is familiar with theatrical costuming.  Plus, she's a lovely lady.

Manhatco in New York carries felt bodies and straw braid among many other things, and are very efficient and pleasant vendors.

A hat-in-progress in the costume work-shop of the mini-series Klondike, 2013.

Blocking hats in the kitchen!